Like a great blues lick Rock Bands are simple yet effective. We combine vibrant braided Guitar cable with a high-quality stainless steel clasp to create one awesome wristband.  


Rock Bands come in a range of colours and sizes. We recommend that you wear your Rock Band lose on your wrist so when choosing your size we advise that you take your wrist size then add two cm. 


Expression. That’s what playing the Guitar is all about, having a feeling or an idea that you can express through your playing. It’s art. That’s what being a Goldsmith is all about too, creating something beautiful so that people can express themselves through wearable art. That’s how Rock Bands were made. I’ve always spent more money on guitar leads just because they look cool, from vintage tweed cables to leads with bold colours that really make a statement. Then I had an idea, wouldn’t they make an awesome wristband. So we created it. And like a great blues lick, they’re simple but so effective.

Rock Bands. The Spirit of Guitar in a wristband.

Rock Band Bio Card